Is Your iPad Broken?

There’s Still Hope! Oops Repair Performs Qualified iPad Repair Services in Our Local Shop

It’s difficult to imagine life without your iPad. That’s why it is crucial to get professional iPad repair services at the first sign of trouble. Oops Repair has years of experience repairing iPads for customers in Chattanooga, TN, and beyond. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to deliver long-lasting iPad repair, giving you maximum enjoyment and functionality from your cherished device.

A technician repair an iPad in East Ridge, TN

iPad Screen Repair, Battery Replacement, and More

What’s going on with your iPad? Our expert technicians will diagnose the issue, so you can get to the source of the problem. The iPad repair services at Oops Repair include:

An image of a iPhone screen in Riverfront, TN

iPad Screen Repair

An image of a iPhone screen in Riverfront, TN

iPad Screen Replacement

An image of a cell phone battery in Signal Mountain, TN
Battery Replacement
An image of a computer home button in Harrison, TN

Home Button Repair or Replacement

An image of a drop of water, Brainerd, TN

Water Damage Repair

An image of a cell phone camera in Red Bank, TN
Camera Replacement
An image of a cell phone with a charging port in Middle Valley, TN
Charging Port Repair
An image of a speaker, Ooltewah, TN

Speaker Replacement

An image with a circle and three dots in East Ridge, TN
And more!

We’ve seen it all and are dedicated to helping our customers save money by repairing their iPads instead of replacing them. Even if your repair issue isn’t on the list, bring your iPad to our shop. In many cases, we can provide the budget-friendly repair to get your iPad back in working order sooner than you think.

iPad Repair from Your Local Mobile Phone Repair Shop

The sooner you contact Oops Repair, the sooner we can get started on restoring your device. So get in touch today to request an instant quote for iPad repair services.

FAQs iPad Repair

Yes. Walk-ins are welcome. However, making an appointment will ensure that your device repair takes priority for the time selected.

It depends. Most phone screen, battery, and other small parts replacements take about an hour or two to complete depending on how busy we are. iPads and tablets take about 24-48 hours. Computer repairs typically take 3-5 days. This is meant as a general guideline only. Your specific device issues will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Repair services vary with each device model. Please refer to our Instant Quote Estimator for your device repair cost.
Yes, we do. Since we are taking the phone apart for the primary repair it reduces our time for secondary repairs so we can pass those savings on to you. Typically, we offer $30 off for secondary repairs.
No. With most repairs, there is very little chance that you will lose any important personal data.
Yes. We support our work with a Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor. This would cover a rare defective part or a mistake in workmanship. However, our Lifetime Warranty does not cover accidental damage such as drops, cracks, or water.

We highly recommend it! Cases and screen protectors are the number one defense against drops, cracks, and accidents. We offer Mobile Outfitters for superior device protection. See our product page to see which screen protection is best for you.

Yes. We offer AKKO device coverage rated number 1 by Your phone is covered from all accidental damage and theft with unlimited claims. iPhone screen repairs only cost $29! Sign up here.

Yes. Whether your phone screen is cracked or not, sometimes dropping your phone can damage the part of the screen that is responsible for touch. This issue will be resolved when the screen is replaced.
Yes, as long as your phone’s only problem is a broken screen. The screen repair service will replace the entire front glass, regardless of the extent of the damage to the previous glass.