Why Use Oops Repair

1) We have repaired 25,000+ devices

We aren’t the guy working out of a basement, fixing devices in his spare time.  This is our business.  We repair devices all day, everyday. With TENS OF THOUSANDS of repaired iPhones, iPads, and Macs under our belt, you can have the confidence that we know how to get your device up and running again and looking like new.

2) We use the highest quality parts available in the market

Watch us unpack and install the brand-new-out-of-the-wrapper-part(s) on your device.  Go ahead…ask us to show you the part(s) we are installing.  Touch them, feel them, they are high-quality, built-to-last components.  Now, go ask the other guys who say they use high-quality parts, and only charge $50 – 80, and see if they are willing to let you inspect the parts.

3) We have the repair part you need in stock

No need to wait for us to order the part you need.  We have a huge inventory ready to be installed so you can get your iPhone, iPad, and Mac fixed TODAY!

4) We have a 30 minute turnaround

We know it is hard to live without your device.  We pride ourselves in that most phone repairs are completed in 30 minutes or less.  Most iPad and Mac repairs are done in 120 minutes or less.

5) We post our repair prices online

No hidden fees or costs.  We are upfront with the price you will pay for the repair you are getting.  No guessing required.

6) You have a comfortable place to wait

If you decide to stay and wait for your repair, you will enjoy our relaxed atmosphere with FREE coffee, water, magazines, TV, Wi-fi, and a comfortable place to sit with friendly conversation!

7) We are a locally owned business

We aren’t a big chain store. The owner, Josh Hrinik,  lives right in your community and supports other local businesses. You can speak with him face-to-face on any given day.

8) We give you ways to save money on your repair

That’s right! We WANT to save you money.  Check out all these ways we save you money:
  • Student Discount: 10% off all Regular Oops! Pricing with a current student ID
  • Multi-Device Repair Discount: If you bring 2 or more devices in to be repaired, you will receive 10% off your entire purchase
  • Multi-Repair Discount: If your device needs multiple things repaired, you get 10% off the total of all our Regular Oops! Pricing
  • Repeat Customer Discount: Hopefully this isn’t you…but if it is, all repeat customers get 10% off Regular Oops! Pricing

9) 6-month warranty on all repairs

All our repairs are covered by a 6 month FULL PARTS AND LABOR warranty which means if you have any issues related to the repair within 6 months we will take care of it free of charge. Full Warranty Details

10) Our customers love us…and you will too! We have a lot of fun around here:

– We have over 1,000 5-star reviews across Facebook, Yelp and Google Plus!
– Read some our Customer Testimonials
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