OopsCare for Mac

1 Mac
12 Months of Protection
Unlimited Incidents
Lowest Market Deductibles
2 Macs
$109 per Mac
12 Months of Protection
Unlimited Incidents
Lowest Market Deductibles
3 - 10 Macs
$99 per Mac
12 Months of Protection
Unlimited Incidents
Low Market Deductibles
11 - 99 Macs
$89 per Mac
12 Months of Protection
Unlimited Incidents
Low Market Deductibles
100+ Macs
$79 per Mac
12 Months of Protection
Unlimited Incidents
Low Market Deductibles

What Does OopsCare Cover?

iMacs and MacBooks are expensive to repair, and the costs can add up quickly!
We protect your Mac against everyday accidents as well as common malfunctions.
OopsCare for Mac Covers

When can I sign up for an OopsCare Membership?

Anytime! Even if you have had the newest MacBook for one day or a 2008 MacBook for the last 10 years, you can start your OopsCare membership today!
New Mac? Your OopsCare Membership transfers to it without a problem.
Moving to the west coast? Your OopsCare Membership moves with you too.
Complete coverage.  Your OopsCare Membership starts “Day One” without gaps.

Why Enrolling Your Mac with OopsCare is a Good Idea

OopsCare for MacBook
Oops Happens
Research shows that 1 in 5 laptop computers get dropped or damaged in a variety of other ways! In the U.S. alone, a computer breaks every 30 minutes!
OopsCare for iMac
Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
Let’s face it, with Macs that are valued at more than $2,000, it is obvious that repairing is definitely an economical way to save versus replacing your Mac!
OopsCare for MacBook Air
Even tho your MacBook says it’s a light as “Air” it still won’t float when knocked off the table. And we promise that it will crash hard on the floor!


Why would I want OopsCare?

Research shows that 1 in 5 computers will die or get damaged. And when they break, the cost of replacing your Mac can be over $2,000! Meanwhile, even if you have an AppleCare plan, it won’t cover accidental breaks or damage done! OopsCare help you alleviate the costly repairs of your Mac when necessary!

Which models of iMacs and MacBooks can be covered by OopsCare?

OopsCare is setup to cover all iMacs and MacBooks that are 2008 and newer.

What is covered with OopsCare?

Whether done by a drop, accident, spills or regular failure OopsCare can cover all components of your iMac or MacBook!

What is NOT covered with OopsCare?

Total destruction of the iMac or MacBook, resulting in replacement. Theft or loss are also not covered.

Why doesn't OopsCare cover loss or theft?

OopsCare is not insurance. Besides, research has shown that people are 10 times more likely to have their device break due to malfunctions or accidental drops, than to lose it or have it stolen. And yet, loss & theft coverage can cost twice as much as accident protection. Meanwhile, the Apple Store has free apps to help find your Mac if you ever do misplace it.

How do I get my Mac fixed?

Simply call us at 423-320-3402 to create a claim, and we will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Once we receive your Mac we’ll evaluate it, contact you with costs to repair it and get it back to you in 1 – 3 business days.

How much does it cost to repair my Mac?

Mac Repair price for enrolled OopsCare devices will be $25 + cost of the part, saving you from $150 up to $300 off repairs compared to repairs thru Apple and other computer repair businesses. In the spirit of complete transparency, you can see the actual cost of the parts you would need at beetstech.com (our Mac parts supplier).  Alternatively, you can order the part yourself, ship it or bring it in with your Mac, and we will install it for the $25 labor fee.

What is the cost if I have MULTIPLE things broken on my Mac?

Please refer to the previous question.

Does the front screen repair also fix my LCD?

Depending on the model of iMacs and MacBooks you have, the LCD will be replaced at the same time as the front glass because they are fused together as one part. Other devices do have separate glass and LCD parts, which can be replaced/fixed individually apart from one another.  We will assess the damage and provide you with a transparent price to repair.  For specific pricing questions, please refer to the questions above.

Do you offer OopsCare for iPhones and iPads?

Yes we do! For full details, please click here for OopsCare for iPhones or OopsCare for iPads
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