OopsCare Membership

Kicking insurance policies and warranties to the curb for iPhone, iPad and Mac!

Membership Benefits:

– 50% Discounts

– 30-Minute Repairs

– Unlimited Incidents

– Multi-Device Incentives

– Other Exclusive Savings

OopsCare for iPhone

Other Benefits:

– Covers unlimited drops, breaks, cracks and malfunctions
– Zero-hassle repairs with parts in stock
– Keep YOUR device! Not a used/refurbished one
– Transfer coverage to a new device
– Sign up at any time!


Individual / Family Pricing

1 Devices: $8/mo
2 Devices: $12/mo
3 Devices: $16/mo
4 Devices: $20/mo
5-8 Devices: $24/mo

Small Business Pricing

10 Devices: $30/mo
$3/mo each add’l device
(Up to 100 Devices)

Corporate / School Pricing

Please contact us for corporate/school pricing
(100+ devices)
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Q: Is this like an insurance policy?

Ummm…No. Insurance companies don’t give you a discount when you have an accident. No, they jack up your premiums with every accident. With OopsCare, if you drop your enrolled iPhone and iPad and crack your screen four times in the same month, you’re monthly enrollment fee will never change and each and every time you come in for a repair, you’ll get 50% off! Every. Single. Time. Guaranteed. And when our prices drop, so do yours! Let us know when your insurance company does that!

How OopsCare Compares to Insurance Plans for iPhones & iPads

OopsCare is the best choice no matter how you slice it – lowest cost, fastest turn around time, guaranteed parts in stock, repair prices you don’t have to guess at, great discounts just for being a member, and we’ll even let you transfer your plan without any hassles. Don’t believe us? Check out the numbers here from our latest research!
Verizon AT&T Sprint AppleCare OopsCare
Cost per month (1 Device) $11 $12 $13 $7 - 11 $8
Cost per month (3 Devices) $33 $36 $39 $21 - 33 $16
Cost per month (8 Devices) $88 $96 $104 $56 - 88 $24
Deductible / Repair Price $199 $225 $200 - 250 $29 - 99 $19 - 99
Guaranteed parts in stock No No No No YES
Turn around time 1 - 3 Days 1 - 3 Days 1 - 3 Days 4 Hours - 3 Days 30 Minutes
Maximum number of incidents allowed per year 2 2 2 2 UNLIMITED
Multi-device discounts for families / businesses No No No No YES
Discounts on in-store accessories No No No No YES
Transferable to a new device No No No No YES*
Transferable to another person No No No Yes YES**

* Customer must inform Oops Repair of new iPhone serial number

** New OopsCare subscription can be established in the new name

All comparisons based monthly rates of protection plan coverage for the following providers: Verizon Total Mobile Protection, AT&T Mobile Protection Pack, Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus and AppleCare+. OopsCare plans do not include coverage for lost or stolen items. Prices and terms are as of October 1, 2017 and subject to change.

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Q: Is this like an extended warranty?

A warranty is great. We even offer them on our repairs. But one thing every warranty comes with are limits. OopsCare covers EVERYTHING related to the product you bought, even if you’ve had it repaired somewhere else. Even if  it wasn’t broken in ‘normal’ use (boy do we have some stories). Even if you tried to fix it yourself and it didn’t work. And it’s covered for the life of the product, as long as your device is enrolled.  There are no time limits! In fact, if you decide to upgrade to a new device, we’ll let you transfer your enrollment to the new device. No, this is much more than a warranty!

What Does OopsCare Cover?

iPhones and iPads are expensive to repair, and the costs can add up quickly! We protect your iPhone and iPad against everyday accidents as well as common malfunctions.
OopsCare Coverage
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What is included with an OopsCare Membership?

Repairs are never a hassle with OopsCare. Because it's not insurance, there's no paperwork to make a claim or hassles to see if it's 'covered' - everything is covered!

1) Call us at 423-320-3402 to setup an appointment to get fixed ASAP!
2) We will repair it the same day with our guaranteed parts on hand!
3) Your iPhone & iPad will be back in business in 30-60 minutes! Now that’s FAST!
READY TO KICK YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY TO THE CURB? IT’S EASY. Just call 423-320-3402 to sign up for OopsCare and we’ll help cancel your insurance from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Geek Squad. Even if your phone is still under contract, you’re allowed to cancel whenever you want without penalties, fees or changing your current cell phone plan.

Q: That’s all great, what about my Mac?

If you have a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac we offer OopsCare for an additional $10/month per Mac. OopsCare for Mac will cover Screens, LCDs, Batteries, Keyboards (integrated), TrackPads, Speakers, Microphones, Memory Upgrades (if available), and Hard Drives. OopsCare will not cover motherboards or accessories like external keyboards, mice, external speakers, etc. More details are in the FAQ’s below.

Why Enrolling Your iPhone, iPad & Mac with OopsCare is a Good Idea

OopsCare Oops Happens
Oops Happens
Research shows that 1 in 3 devices get dropped or damaged in a variety of other ways! In the U.S. alone, a phone breaks every 2 seconds.
OopsCare for iPad
Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
Let’s face it, with iPhones and iPads that are now over the $1,000 mark and Macs that can climb to as high as $5,000, it is obvious that repairing is well worth it!
OopsCare for Mac
Even the world’s best case still can’t guarantee that you won’t break your iPhone or iPad when you drop it. And you will drop it….eventually!


Why would I want OopsCare?

Research shows that 1 in 3 devices will die or get damaged. And when they break, they can cost nearly $1,000 to replace if you’re still under contract with your wireless carrier. Meanwhile, most cases do little to prevent your screen from getting cracked, almost none are waterproof, and even the best can’t protect your device from malfunctions.  Even if you have an insurance plan through your carrier, the deductible alone is over $200 for most iPhones and iPads!! OopsCare help you alleviate the costly repairs of the devices when necessary!

Which models of iPhones and iPad can be covered by OopsCare?

OopsCare is setup to cover iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6-Plus, 6S, 6S-Plus, 7, 7-Plus, 8, and 8-Plus.
OopsCare is setup to cover iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Mini 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad Air 1, 2 and iPad 5 (New iPad)
Coverage for iPhone X and all versions of iPad Pro will be available soon! Stay tuned for more details!

What is covered with OopsCare?

Whether done by a drop, accident or regular failure: Front Screens (including the LCD, Touch Screen, Front Glass), Antennas, Audio Jacks, Batteries, Buttons, Cameras, Charge Ports, Microphones, Sensors, and Speakers!

What is NOT covered with OopsCare?

Total destruction of the iPhone or iPad’s frame/housing, irreparable damage done by liquid spills or submersion, theft or loss of your iPhone or iPad.

Why doesn't OopsCare cover loss or theft?

OopsCare is not insurance. Besides, research has shown that people are 10 times more likely to have their device break due to malfunctions or accidental drops, than to lose it or have it stolen. And yet, loss & theft coverage can cost twice as much as accident protection. Meanwhile, the Apple Store has free apps to help find your iPhone and iPad if you ever do misplace it.

How do I get my iPhone/iPad fixed?

Simple! Just bring it in to Oops Repair, tell us your iPhone/iPad is covered by OopsCare, and we’ll get your iPhone back in action in about 30 minutes. iPads will be back to you in about 2 hours.

When can I bring my iPhone/iPad in for service?

Anytime during regular business hours! We are open Monday – Friday 9am-6pm or Saturday 10am-3pm.

How much is a broken screen if I have OopsCare?

Refer to our published pricing on our website and take 50% off! We provide a side-by-side comparison of our regular pricing and OopsCare Membership pricing for every repair we offer. An example is our iPhone 7-plus front screen repair is regularly $149.95, with OopsCare it is only $74.95…that’s a $75 savings!

What is the cost if I have MULTIPLE things broken on my iPhone/iPad?

Refer to our published pricing on our website, add the costs of all the things your iPhone needs to be fixed and take 50% off!
We provide a side-by-side comparison of our regular pricing and OopsCare Membership pricing for every repair we offer.
Example: If you have an iPhone 5S that needs a new screen and battery, you will see that those repairs are $69.95 and $39.95, respectively. Added together those repairs would be $109.90. With OopsCare, you would only pay $54.95 plus tax! Note: You will never pay more than $149.95 for any amount of items that need to be repaired on an iPhone/iPad covered by OopsCare.

Can you please explain the deductible (repair price)?

The deductible (repair price) with an iPhone on OopsCare is Oops Repair’s regularly published pricing, less 50%. The minimum deductible is $19.95 and the maximum deductible is $149.95. If the retail repair price is $69.95, your “deductible” price with an OopsCare subscription would be $34.95. If you have retail repair pricing that is in excess of $300, you will still not pay more than $149.95 for any repair with an iPhone/iPad on OopsCare.

What discounts will I get on your accessories?

All accessories that Oops Repair sells will be discounted 25% off of our already great pricing, including: Tempered Glass, Protective Cases, Cables, Charger Blocks, Earbuds and more!

I don't live in the Chattanooga area, can I still get OopsCare?

Absolutely! You can sign up on our website, or if you prefer, you can sign up by calling us at 423-320-3402. If you have to mail us your device for a repair, there will be a nominal fee for the return shipping.

What are the pricing discounts for Macs?

Mac Repair price for enrolled OopsCare devices will be $25 + cost of the part, saving you from $150 up to $300 off repairs compared to other computer repair businesses in the area. In the spirit of complete transparency, you can see the actual cost of the parts you would need at beetstech.com (our Mac parts supplier) or you can order the part yourself and we will install it for $25. Mac parts are not kept in stock but typically arrive in 2-3 business days.
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